Map an efficient path towards your financial goals

Scruton Wealth Management Group provides independent, unbiased and proactive financial solutions and advice to professionals, business owners and families. Our clients are of various ages, occupations and backgrounds, but all share a degree of complexity to their financial picture that benefits from comprehensive planning to optimize their wealth. In today’s busy world, people are consistently bombarded with information and ideas, designed to create emotion and influence their decisions. By cutting through the noise, we guide clients to make responsible, proactive financial decisions. Ultimately, we create value for our clients by simplifying their financial lives.

Whatever you’re planning and investing for – to sustain your lifestyle in retirement, to empower your children with the best possible education, to expand your business – you need a cohesive strategy to successfully reach your desired outcomes. Ours is a relationship-driven practice; we work to understand who you are, what is important to you and what challenges you are facing so we can guide you to where you want to go. 


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